Optimally secured transportation throughout Europe

ProtecTrans provides secure transportation services and ensures a rapid response to emergencies and incidents when combined with our monitoring and intervention services.

Our employees have permission from the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security to carry out transports with a NIWO- (also known as EURO-) and/or a CEMT-permit. Applications for carrying out transports outside the European Union are certainly not unknown territory for us either. The transportation of valuable goods that ProtecTrans carries out for its clients include:

  • Documents, contracts
  • Medicines, tobacco
  • Smartphones, computers, chips
  • Art, jewelry

Given the huge difference in shipments, secure transportation requires an individual approach. In consultation with the customer, we determine which measures are necessary to guarantee safety and which extra safety measures are required for high-value cargo. Consider, for example, the use of a safe case when transporting contracts or other valuable documents.

Interested in transportation?

We are happy to explain in a personal meeting how ProtecTrans can meet your expectations.