Tailored escort services at home and abroad

The damages resulting from cargo crimes are enormous. ProtecTrans specializes in supervising and monitoring valuable transports, both nationally and internationally.

During the supervision of these transports there is a continuous connection with our Security Operation Centre. We make use of various tools to provide the best possible service, such as communication equipment, navigation systems, track & trace systems and dashcams.

Escort requires customization

Both striking and inconspicuous vehicles can be used for escorting transports. In addition to this measure, there will be direct contact with the Security Operation Centre in the event of an emergency. Via the Security Operation Centre and our vast European network, there is effortless switching between various emergency services and, where necessary, local authorities managed by an authorised private emergency response company.

ProtecTrans provides customized services, because each shipment is valued differently requiring a tailored form of protection. The client can choose from (a combination of) various measures such as:

  • Deploy striking or inconspicuous vehicles
  • Use of single manned or double manned vehicles
  • Tracking routes from a distance
  • Equip vehicles with satellite navigation and / or track & trace
  • Use of dash cams
  • Continuous connection with the Security Operation Centre
  • Mobile group communication between vehicle(s) and the Security Operation Centre
  • Reporting upon completion of transport supervision

Interested in escort?

We are happy to explain in a personal meeting how ProtecTrans can meet your expectations.