Your valuable goods safely and undamaged from origin to destination

When transporting high-value goods it is critical these goods reach their destination safely and undamaged. Our Security Operation Centre is at your disposal throughout the year, day and night.

The Security Operation Centre staff at ProtecTrans will be happy to help you with escort requests, planning and interventions, but also with answering your general inquiries regarding our services in a timely and accurate manner. All specific requests will be handled by our experts.

ProtecTrans monitors your valuable cargo with the help of the most advanced track & trace systems. Your goods are visible anywhere in Europe at all times. Opening and closing of vehicle doors remotely is also possible. In short, we ensure that your valuable transports reach their destination within the Netherlands or Europe safely and undamaged.

Interested in monitoring?

We are happy to explain in a personal meeting how ProtecTrans can meet your expectations.